LINCOSOL 400 mg/g

Lyncomycin 400 mg oral powder for water administration


Lincomycin (Hydrochloride) 400 mg.


Bags of 100 g and 1 kg.

Especies de destino

Porcino, Avicultura


Pigs: Administer in drinking water 5-10 mg of lincomycin/ kg bodyweight, during 5-10 consecutive days.
Poultry: Administer in drinking water 3-6 mg of lincomycin/kg bodyweight, during 7 consecutive days.


Pigs: Treatment of swine dysentery caused by Brachyspira (Serpulina) hyodysenteriae.
Poulty (broilers): For the control of nectrotic enteritis caused by Clostridium perfringens.

Tiempo de espera

Meat and offal:
Pigs: 0 days
Poultry: 5 days
Eggs: Not authorised for use in laying birds producing eggs for human consumption.